Frac Design

Our technical team has worked in some of the most advanced geological formations, overcoming severe obstacles in order to successfully optimize well production. J4 uses FracPro to model reservoir parameters, estimated treatment conditions and anticipated well production. Our engineering staff are very involved with our customers to ensure that when J4 leaves a location, a well is given the best possible chance at maximized production. J4 is always eager to submit stimulation designs from large multi-lateral to re-completes and everything in-between. As always, designs are complimentary as a good faith measure for our customers. No matter the challenge, J4’s technical team will enthusiastically be ready to defy even the most intimidating wells.

Pump Services

J4’s diverse pump division is comprised of a wide variety of equipment ranging from simple 60 HHP test units, to twin 2000 horsepower cumulative 20 BPM pumps. Whether you need a casing pressure test, or a full DFIT, our range of pressure pumping capabilities has you covered. Most pumps are outfitted with torque wrenches, transducers, pressure relief valves, data acquisition, and have their own centrifugal pumps for “self-feeding” abilities. All pumps are also 15K working pressure. Our pumps also have the capability to maintain backside pressure while monitoring multiple well pressures.

  • Load and kill wells
  • Open sleeves
  • Pump and displace mud
  • Assist coiled tubing
  • Mix chemical system on the fly with 2 - 10 BBL mixing tanks on double pumps
  • Wireline pumpdowns
  • Torque and test
  • Most pumps have data acquisition and can monitor multiple transducers simultaneously
  • FET and DFITS
  • Toe Preps
  • 24 Hour Dispatch and GPS fleet tracking

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Chemical Services

J4’s Technical Team has proven itself against the most challenging of wells and is able to design any fluid system necessary to optimize well production. The technical team is led with over 16 years of experience along with several chemical patents and testing processes. Our main stream product line ranges from South Texas 12,000 ft TVD capabilities to 3,000 ft TVD in West Texas and everything in-between. Whatever the challenge may be, J4 has the chemical solution for your well.

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Other Services

Cobra Stacks

Cobra Stacks has all spare parts in stock for every valve in our inventory. Every valve is completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected & repaired upon return to our facility.

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