Manifold Trailer

The manifold trailer is manufactured by Forum in Alice, TX. This unit is made of 15,000 psi 4in iron. It is safely rated at 96 BBLS/min. It also includes a header manifold on the front of the low pressure side to push fluid from the blender to other pumps not tied into the iron on the manifold. This gives us the ability to get frac slurry from the blenders to pumps on jobs requiring more than 96 BBLS/min. There are racks on the top for carrying hoses, making speedy rig up and down more possible. All iron on the trailer is mounted on brackets with rubber under them to reduce vibration damage. Every entry point for the 12 pumps is equipped with a 3in quarter turn plug valve. We grease our valves either daily on single stage jobs or no less than once a day on multi-stage frac jobs. Our valves rarely fail and we never have to hammer them open

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